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We make

Awesome Websites
We can design & develop stunning websites to enhance your presence over the Web
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E-commerce Solutions
Using the most advanced E-commerce CMS' we design and develop successful e-shops with full training and setup
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IT & Networking Solutions & Assets
We provide complete Intranet & Internet Networking Solutions. We sell and maintain the best rated hardware & software
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Social Media Marketing
We can manage and organize your Web presence in the Mainstream. Improve your followers and convert them to customers
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Web Marketing & SEO
Nowadays the target is to be found by your lead customers.
We work for your best rating to be found on the Internet, and much more
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Graphic Design
We can make you brand logo and documents layout effective and awesome
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Professional Photography
Your business image is nothing without taking care of pictures quality. Believe in a pro
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Professional Videomaking
A video is one of the most impressive ways to capture your customer's attention. But you need a pro
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Aerial Drone Photo & Video
We can take pictures and videos by an angle nobody can reach: from the sky.
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E-Learning Solutions
Create with us your E-Learning Web Centre and start to make your money without your presence.
If you are a school of any kind or have students around, then spread your lesson all over the world!
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Tailored Solutions
If you need a one-of-a-kind solution for your business, let's discuss your needs freely with us to find the most effective solution. We have a 30 years experience in IT tailored solutions from the small enterprise to the large corporate
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Remote Assistance
You don't need to be the next door to receive our qualified technical assistance.
Today we can operate on your computers safely and efficiently even if you are on the moon..
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Web Radio Creation & Setup
Using the Web platform we can create and setup your own Web Radio Broadcasting system.
We provide everything you need, Software & Hardware to start your own Broadcasting system.
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Professional Websites

There is a large number of web designers who promise you to be the best around. We don’t say we are the best, maybe there are some better than us. Maybe someone can create paramount websites, full of colors and effects. Maybe someone can create innovative websites.

We create the most convenient and reliable websites having an experience of over 20 years in the professional IT market. We are a team of people very skilled, focused on the most professional results. We sell experience and reliability. That’s what you need..

We are based near Sligo, Ireland and our skill is to deploy professionally designed websites & web services to our clients. We have a full range of affordable solutions for any budget. All our websites are fully responsive and SEO compliant. We are a team of highly-skilled professionals with a genuine passion each for his/her job. We use the latest technologies to create custom services that perfectly match your needs. 

Our Mission

Pietro Malaguti is the Team Leader of a number of professionals each one specialized in his/her job. Pietro is an IT specialst who started his career in 1988 as a network engineer working for Hewlett-Packard in Milan, Italy. He then has been working for “The Big Blue” IBM, and Apple.
Our mission is to communicate our genuine passion for our job and to go beyond client’s expectations in terms of quality, reliability and final result.

Some of our Web Design specialization areas


We make highly-attractive website for professional photographers and videographers


We design appealing websites for photo-models with books, video and photo trailers, promotion

Food & Drink

Gorgeous websites for food & drink industry

Aerial Drones

Websites for aerial drones industry and traders with e-commerce options

Restaurants & Pubs

Professional looking websites for restaurants with menu options, direct booking and promos

Some of Our Clients

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